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Are you looking for a solution to easily, effectively, and thoroughly waterproof your outdoor cracks with materials you can easily find. Especially the small cracks in the wall but cause seepage, this short video by Hung Thinh Studio is the video for you.

This video Hung Thinh Waterproofing shares so that everyone can make their own waterproofing, so that you don't waste time watching too many videos online and don't spend too much money to fix it again and again. We do not make this video for the purpose of selling our materials to you because Hung Thinh Waterproofing is not a company that sells materials, nor is it an advertisement for any material brand.

Now we will start and if you have any questions please inbox or   leave them in the comments below this video on Youtube channel of Hung Thinh Waterproofing, we will check the questions carefully every day to answer. all your questions.

Supplies for disposal will include:

  • Crack sealer. As shown in the Video is Sika flexconstruction AP glue. This is a form of Polyurethane glue with elasticity and very good adhesion to the wall.

  • Outdoor wall waterproofing membrane. In the Video is using Sika raintite outdoor waterproof membrane. You can also use equivalent products. Please choose acrylic-based waterproofing materials with good elasticity and UV resistance.

The order of execution:

First you need to identify the crack in the wall. Then you cut and widen the V-shaped crack. After cutting the crack, you need to clean it. Cleaning the surface of the crack before applying the glue will help the sealant adhere better to the wall.

Cut and widen the crack

After cleaning the surface, you will proceed to seal the glue into the cracks. You will seal sika flexconstruction into the crack filling the volume you cut out. After filling, you will use a putty table to flatten the glue. Note that the surface before filling needs to be clean, and dry. If the surface is dirty and damp, the glue will not stick.

Apply glue to the crack

The next step is that you will cover the waterproofing membrane on the crack that you cut out. You use waterproof membrane Sika raintite or sika coatplus to cover the crack surface. You will apply 2 layers of sika raintite waterproofing membrane on the wall in the shape of a cross.

Cover the crack with a waterproof membrane

So you have completed the waterproofing treatment of wall cracks. I wish you success.

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