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Waterproofing walls in Da Nang Professional - Thoroughly - Effective - Reasonable price only in waterproofing Hung Thinh. Your walls always keep eye-catching colors, creating an airy and cool space for the house. However, the leakages phenomenon loses the beauty of your entire apartment. Therefore, the prerequisite measure is to find the best home repair solution - leaking waterproofing at home. Please come to Hung Thinh waterproofing unit - a unit of professional Danang wall waterproofing - Quality - the best price on the market. Let's find out some of the causes of wall seepage and how to fix it in the article below.

1. Some causes of house leakage:

- Due to improper construction, the mortar layer is not solid and firm.

- The wall is a place directly affected by weather such as rain, sun, wind, ... causing the structure to shrink, expand and destroy the material structure, causing the project to be permeable and leaking.
- Due to damage to the previous waterproofing paint film.

2. We would like to summarize the wall waterproofing solutions in Danang as follows:

2.1 Applicable to newly built walls:

For newly built houses we do not need to clean the surface. We use acrylic waterproof paint (Sika Raintite acrylic waterproof wall paint) to cover the entire wall. For exterior walls and this type of paint we paint from 2 or more layers.
- Want to paint the next layer we have to wait for the previous layer to dry before painting again.

2.2. How to waterproof old house walls:
- First, we need to scrape off the peeling paint, clean the moss, yellow stains.
- Find gaps, cracks. Conduct a large and 3-4 cm deep chisel around the cracked site.
- Use a high pressure hose to clean cracks as well as the surface to be constructed.
- Use specialized materials to seal the break.
- Covering elastic waterproofing membrane on the construction surface.

2.3 How to waterproof the adjacent slit 2 adjacent houses:
In big cities almost houses are built close to each other, almost no gaps.
Some methods of waterproofing adjacent houses:
- Waterproofing of adjacent walls by treating gaps with water troughs:
Because the adjacent wall has a small gap, it is a position where water easily penetrates. Therefore, the most effective method is to make corrugated iron troughs from running down this gap.

- Waterproofing the adjacent house walls when starting construction:
This is the most effective measure, which saves time. At the construction site in the adjacent position, we use solid bricks combined with mortar, mix concrete with waterproofing and plastering. The minimum requirement for the thickness of the contiguous surface is 220mm to ensure no leakage.

3. Why choose our wall waterproofing service in Da Nang:
- Hung Thinh is a waterproofing company with many years of industry experience, and has been constructing many waterproofing items in Danang City.

- We own a team of Waterproofing walls in Da Nang city with high expertise, detailed technical handling, ensuring the required schedule.
- Commitment to thoroughly handle, with the criteria of not being completely absorbed - not taking money.
Customers who are in need of waterproofing right away, pick up the phone to call the wall waterproofing service of Danang city - Hung Thinh waterproofing to receive advice and free quotes, long-term and periodic warranty 6 once a month.

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