Post date : 02/07/2018

Dear customers, Hung Thinh waterproofing is a leading waterproofing unit specializing in providing waterproofing services in vinh effectively, ensuring thorough handling of leakages.

This problem is a matter of great concern from individuals and businesses, it affects daily life and work. Because of that and also meet the needs of our customers, Hung Thinh waterproofing, we have facilities in the area of Duy Xuyen district very pleased to serve customers if there is a need for waterproofing leak.

1. Our waterproofing services in Duy Xuyen district include:
- Waterproofing toilets, bathrooms and other areas exposed to water 24/24 h.
- Carry out leak waterproofing for balconies, roof decks, terraces and other open buildings, ...
- Waterproofing the adjacent slot between two adjacent houses.
- Waterproofing pit for elevators in apartment buildings, high-rise buildings, ...
- Handling all phenomena of wall seepage, cracked concrete floor, cracked walls, cracked bird's feet, ...
- Waterproofing of underground tanks, basements and other underground works.

2. The process of waterproofing construction in Duy Xuyen district is as follows:
Step 1: Receive contact information of customers and schedule appointments depending on the requirements of the host.
Step 2: A team of technicians will come to survey, consult, give solutions and quote immediately to customers.
Step 3: Negotiate and sign a contract between the two parties.
Step 4: Carry out the construction according to the time and requirements set out by the contract.
Step 5: Test the water at the request of the customer, accept and hand over.
Step 6: Long-term warranty. Check periodically 6 months / 1 time.

3. We are committed to waterproofing treatment services in Duy Xuyen district:
- Present to work according to your desires.
- Free consultation, optimal solution and the most reasonable price.
- Use the best waterproofing materials with modern equipment.
- Thoroughly handle waterproofing phenomena that you require.
- Refund the whole money if it is stained back.

If you have any needs in Duy Xuyen district, please contact us immediately to get the optimal solution for your house seepage with reasonable price and competitive with the market.
Waterproofing Hung Thinh - A friend of dry walls!
Headquarters: 342 Hoang Van Thai, Lien Chieu District, Da Nang City.
Hotline 1: 098.777.4268.
Hotline 2: 0769.18.6886
Very pleased to serve customers in Duy Xuyen district!

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