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Waterproofing toilets in Thanh Khe district
Leakages is the main cause affecting the structure as well as the life of the house. Waterproofing toilets is an easy item if properly waterproofed in the first place but it will be very difficult to overcome if there is a problem later. If using process is leaked, the only radical solution is to dismantle and waterproof the entire construction surface.

So if the toilet of your family or business has a leak, please contact the waterproof toilet in Thanh Khe district of our unit - Hung Thinh waterproofing. Hung Thinh waterproofing is the construction unit of toilet waterproofing in Thanh Khe district with many customers who have used our services.


1. Signs of toilet seepage:
- Appearance of yellow stains, moss on walls, ceilings, foot walls.
- The surface of the toilet is wet, not dry and airy.
- There is an unpleasant odor that affects daily life.
Therefore, the toilet area should be monitored regularly, avoiding status such as stagnant water, moss,...

2. Some causes that customers in Thanh Khe need to waterproof toilets:
- Toilets are areas that come into contact with water frequently, which can cause stagnant water, leading to seepage.
- Due to the long use but not renovated.
- Although constructed waterproofing but not standard.
- Influence from external environment such as sunshine, rain, temperature,...

3. The most optimal toilet waterproofing measures in Thanh Khe district:
With long experience in toilet waterproofing, Hung Thinh waterproof please share with readers some of the following remedies:
- Use self-adhesive waterproof membrane or hot torch.
- Using scanned waterproofing or spraying films of big brands such as Sika, Mapei, Vandex, Baft.

Although both ways of the above are effective, we still encourage you to waterproof scanned form because:

- Easy to spray, sweep because it is a Polymer + cement-based waterproof compound suitable for toilet, wet areas.
- Can cover all construction areas without interruption.
- The waterproofing layer has a long lasting durability.
If you have any questions or needs waterproofing toilets in Thanh Khe district, please contact Hung Thinh waterproofing - we are confident to help you 100% waterproofing toilets.

4. Reasons for choosing Hung Thinh waterproofing to waterproof toilets in Thanh Khe district:
- We own a team of experienced staff, high expertise, long-term warranty.
- Survey and consultation (Free) for you in the most detailed and optimal way.
- The most advanced and advanced waterproofing materials and technologies have sufficient papers of origin of materials, COCQ, to avoid encountering fake materials.
- Every 6 months there will be technical staff to check and maintain after construction.
- Serving almost all streets in Thanh Khe district.

The streets in Thanh Khe that Hung Thinh provides toilet waterproofing services include: Cu Chinh Lan, Pham Nhu Tang, Doan Nhu Hai, Nguyen Bieu, Than Nhan Trung, Nguyen Nghiem, Mai Xuan Thuong and Tran Xuan Le. , Phan Lang (9, 10, 11), Dang Thai Mai, Dao Duy Anh, Quang Dung, Tan Da, Ton That Tung, To Ngoc Van, Dao Duy Tu, Bau Hac, Dung Sy Thanh Khe, Mother Nhu, Ngo Duc Ke, Mother Hien, Bau Hac, Nguyen Van Phuong, Bau Trang, Phu Loc, Xuan Dan, Thai Thi Boi, Thuan An, Nguyen Cao, Nguyen Huy Luong, Can Giuoc, Nguyen Phuoc Thai, Thuc Te, Ngo Gia Kham and Nguyen Huu Thuan, Tan Hoa, Pham Ngoc Mau, Dong Loi, Phan Lang, Yen Khe, ... all other roads and alleys in Thanh Khe district.
Any questions about toilet waterproofing service in Thanh Khe district please contact us.
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