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From the concerns about the quality of construction of civil and industrial projects in Vietnam, two close friends - one is an alumni of "Hanoi University of Sience and Technology", with many years working at a leading corporation Japanese, and other person is an alumni of "Hanoi University of Transport and Comunications", with many years working at a leading construction company in Vietnam specializing in waterproofing - decided to establish Hung Thinh Waterproofing, the first company specializing in civil and industrial waterproofing solutions.

+ With the slogan "Working with the heart" and the corporate culture "Always listening, willing to share", we look forward to creating a professional working environment towards the best service quality for customers and good work environment for all employees to always try to improve themselves.

+ Along with the meaning in each action to " hands instead of words to say", the mission of Hung Thinh Waterproofing is to bring Waterproofing closer to all Vietnamese people, so that we really are "Friends of dry walls ".



Vision: To become the leading company in Vietnam in the field of civil and industrial waterproofing. Bringing Japanese service style to Vietnam market, contributing to changing construction quality in civil and industry in Vietnam.

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Core values
Quality: The products designed and constructed by Hung Thinh have an almost eternal life, the service and warranty of Hung Thinh aims to meet the highest requirements of customers.
Quantity: Whether the project is large or small, customers will enjoy the same services and warranty. The number of projects must be increased from the introduction of the Customer.
Spirit: All employees in the company proactively complete the assigned tasks, constantly creating and listening to the opinions of colleagues. All employees have the right to speak out, each individual in the organization is respected and diverse in creativity.

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