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Adjacent houses are usually seeped in by stormwater and seeps into walls. Usually with 2 adjacent houses, the house built later will not be able to plaster the adjacent wall, so it will be heavier. And because this gap is formed by 2 wall parts on 2 different foundation systems, the settlement and elasticity will be different. Therefore, the materials used to treat adjoining openings must have good elasticity, good long-term resistance to sunlight and rain.

A common mistake is to use cement mortar + sand to fill the joints, to embellish, or to pour mortar into the gap, these options have no effect because the mortar is not elastic so only after a while. When the gap expands and settles, the mortar will expand.

 Processing steps: Cut a 2-3cm deep groove, 1-2cm wide to plug the corrugated iron and use a hand grinder to clean and clean the surface of the settlement so that the glue adhere to the surface of the wall and corrugated iron. then plug the fixings into the groove. If the gap in your home is very small, pump the glue to fill the gap of the adjoining house. The glue that you can easily find in the specialized market for waterproofing is Sika Flexconstruction AP glue.

 After the glue pump has been pumped you can seal the surface completely and apply 1 layer of polyurethane exposed waterproofing film, and apply 1 layer of Poliester mesh or glass mesh for reinforcement. Please note that you do not use bitumen waterproofing agent to construct this gap because the bitumen that is not sun-resistant is easy to melt and age.

 In some cases, you can use the stainless steel trough to catch water flowing to the drainage area. However, note that the connection positions of the stainless steel trough must be tight. In case the houses are too close together, you do the above but do not need to use corrugated iron, so instead of cutting grooves to plug the corrugated iron, cut to widen the gap between the two houses to conduct glue and the next steps.

Watch the waterproofing process here:

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