Sharing experience of effective waterproofing methods for swimming pools

Post date : 22/06/2018


As we all know, swimming pool, swimming pool, underground water tank are generally one of the most outstanding items in high-class buildings, villas ... In order for the swimming pool to be fully functional, Waterproofing contributes the most important. With long-term construction experience, Hung Thinh Waterproof will share to readers how to effectively pool, so you can have your own way of waterproofing swimming pool for yourself:


Swimming pool waterproofing has 2 common cases:

* Waterproofing the pool from the beginning of construction.

* Waterproof treatment of swimming pools when in use.

With 2 cases we will have different solutions, and we will start with the first case.

- Waterproofing the pool at the beginning of construction.

We often see the swimming pool on the terrace or underground, the waterproofing of the pool on the terrace or on the upper floors is similar to the way of waterproofing the underground swimming pool.


+ First you need to prepare some waterproofing construction materials. Materials you can easily find such as Sika Topseal 107, Sika top seal 109, Sika sarnafil ... or composite pool waterproofing or tarpaulin waterproofing materials. In the framework of this article, we will give an example of a low-cost but effective swimming pool waterproof membrane that is Sika Topseal 109 waterproof membrane.

+ The above mentioned waterproofing layer will apply to the concrete layer when it has reached its strength. You should pour concrete seamlessly once. If you pour concrete into several times, between pours of concrete. we must waterproof the concrete stop circuit with water-proof tape or expanded rubber. The concrete surface before the construction of waterproofing membrane should be smooth, solid, free of impurities and standing water.

+ The pipe neck position needs waterproofing carefully, there is a common pipe neck waterproofing plan that you can refer to, which is waterproofing the neck by widening the neck, then making formwork and rubber wrap swell to the circumference of the pipe neck, eventually pouring Sika Grout self-flowing mortar into it.

+ Dealing with surface cracks if any.

+ The perpendicular footing locations need plastering to avoid cracking of waterproofing membranes.
+ When the surface of the neck tube has been treated, sweep or spray on the surface of the swimming pool with 2 layers of Sika Topseal 109 waterproof membrane with a layer thickness of 1.5 mm. In angular positions, reinforced with glass mesh.

+ After finishing the waterproofing membrane layer, proceed to pour water to check before painting 3cm thick protective mortar on the waterproofing membrane and proceed with the subsequent finishing layers.

- Handling waterproof pool when having trouble

For this case, for those who do not have experience, it is not recommended to do. First you need to determine the exact cause of water leakage by water tests as well as careful observation to know the exact cause of pool infiltration.

There are two core causes of seepage:

- Water from drainage tank (underground tank, terrace tank). For this case, we apply the waterproofing method that is processed inside the pool or pool.

- The water from the groundwater seeps into the underground (underground tank). In this case, the remedy is to waterproof the opposite direction of the water causing the permeability.
Send you some pictures of waterproof treatment pool swimming pool trouble:


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