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Many statistics have shown that up to 95% of terraces and roof floors have problems related to seepage. This is largely due to the quality of the construction of the roof terrace. Besides, there are also some causes due to the influence of weather, of the foundation. However, the main reason is still from the construction technique of waterproofing the terrace right from the time of construction, which is not really accurate. With the article 6 ways to waterproof roof floors, effective terraces will help you read waterproofing yards, waterproofing roof floors thoroughly right from the time of construction.

With the strong development of 4.0 technology and the continuous integration of our country, the waterproofing techniques are constantly updated and implemented by the units right from the time of construction, to avoid encountering problems. future waterproofing related risks. However, in many cases, leaks still occurred, especially in the roof deck, yard, balcony, and septum and then spread to other areas. So where does the roof seepage come from?

The signs of the roof floor are leaking, you need to know these signs to come up with an effective solution

+ The appearance of cracks in the roof deck, crow's feet cracks and structural cracks.

+ The base of the roof floor has signs of mold, Paint patches are peeling

+ Under the concrete floor, there are white limestone stalactites

+ there is water running under the concrete floor when it rains

+ Patches under the concrete roof floor.

The reason for the roof floor to be seeped and degraded quickly

1. Due to concrete shrinkage and erratic changes of weather in Vietnam. When the weather changes suddenly, the roof concrete will stretch and crack easily.

2. Due to degraded construction structure. For example, the concrete aggregate of the roof deck is not designed properly. During the construction process, many materials are trimmed, making the structure unstable.

3. Due to the waterproof membrane. The waterproofing membrane for the roof terrace floor can have problems for some reason, such as the waterproof layer is too thin, The waterproof layer is aging, the waterproof layer design is not right from the beginning. .

4. Because the house has been used for too long and in the process of using it is not maintained regularly.

The dangers and harms when the roof floor is soaked affect daily life and activities.

1. The first is the effect on health. Especially those with respiratory problems. If you live in a house on stilts, the roof is permeable, the terrace is permeable, the indoor air will not be fresh and your mind will always be in a state of anxiety because of living in a leaky house.

2. When the roof floor is permeable, the water will penetrate through the concrete to penetrate the steel inside the concrete, causing the steel structure to rust, corrode, make the roof floor degrade.

3. The house must really be where you want to be. Once your roof floor is soaked, it will greatly affect your activities. For example, when it rains, you have to collect water because water seeps from the roof floor.

4. The value of the house will be greatly reduced if your house has a leak

5. It is the aesthetics of the house architecture that is vandalized. You will have to live in moldy walls all year round and if you don't waterproof your house will become increasingly heavy.

The best roof floor waterproofing solution today, the best terrace waterproofing process 2022

Please refer to the 6 roof waterproofing solutions below. Basically, these roof floor waterproofing solutions are one way, but different in the way the materials are used to waterproof the roof floor. To waterproof the roof or terrace very well, you should always perform well the two important steps that are good solutions and good materials of clear origin.

- When you handle waterproofing of the roof floor, the first step is always to treat the ground.

You should treat the ground well because it is like the foundation of the waterproofing layer. If you treat the ground well, the waterproof membrane will easily adhere to the concrete floor. And if you do not handle the surface carefully, the waterproof membrane will be very easy to peel off later. Steps to treat the roof floor before applying the waterproofing layer:

Step 1: The waterproof layer will be applied to the concrete surface, so you need to remove all the weak mortar layers and impurities on the concrete surface. In this step you may have to use concrete chisels and concrete grinders.

Step 2: Proceed to clean the floor, Open the pipe necks, handle the cracks, you can see details on how to waterproof the pipe neck and handle floor cracks in the link below.

Step 3: Wash the roof floor with a high-pressure water jet.

Solution 1: Waterproofing the roof floor with sika 107, waterproofing the terrace with a 2-component waterproofing membrane.

Step 1. First you wet the concrete surface of the terrace. You should note that it is moist, but not allowed to stagnate on the floor. Because if the water is stagnant, the plastic part in the waterproofing component will float.

Step 2. Proceed to mix materials. You put the sika 107 powder into the water in the ratio A: B = 1:4 then use a mixer to mix the materials. Mixing time from 3-5 minutes is the material will be even. And you use another 2-component waterproofing membrane product, you will mix the ratio according to that product.

Step 3. You proceed to sweep the waterproofing membrane Sika 107 on the roof floor in 2 layers with the norm of 2 Kg/layer. Apply layer 2 when layer 1 has dried. Layer 2 you will apply perpendicular to the first layer (Construction in the shape of a cross).

Step 4. Soak in water for 3 days before applying the layers above.

Solution 2: Waterproofing roof floor with Polyurethane waterproofing membrane, Waterproofing terrace with Polyurethane.

Polyurethane is formed by polymerization reaction between monomers containing isocyanate group and containing polyol . alcohol base

There are two types of polyurethane compounds available on the market today, two-component and one-component.

Polyurethane paint has high elasticity, good adhesion, durability under the impact of weather conditions, especially hot weather like in our country and mild corrosive agents. Widely used for waterproofing areas such as roof decks, terraces, balconies, seños...

The process of waterproofing the roof floor with polyurethane paint.

Step 1: Treat the roof floor surface. You will treat the roof floor surface as mentioned above.

Step 2: Apply Primer Layer. Where you go to waterproof the roof floor, you will roll the Primer layer there. Normally with 2-component Polyurethane products, the Primer layer will be a separate container, and with 1-component Polyurethane products, the Primer layer is itself mixed with water. For example, if you use Sika lastic 590 to waterproof the roof, terrace, you need to mix Sika 590 with 10% water to form a Primer layer.

The effect of the Primer layer is to enhance the adhesion of the waterproofing product to the concrete roof floor. This layer, you apply thin. the norm is about 0.2-0.3 Kg/m2.

Step 3: After the Primer layer on the surface has dried, you will proceed to mix the Polyurethane floor waterproofing chemical. If this product is 2 ingredients you must use a high speed mixer to mix thoroughly (3-5 Mins). If the mixing is not done carefully, the elasticity will be reduced and the setting ability will be uneven.

Step 4: After mixing the materials, you will proceed to pour the polyurethane on the floor and use a rake to rake the saw. Then you will proceed to soak the water and apply the layers above.

Solution 3: Waterproofing the roof floor with a sheet-based waterproofing membrane (Sika bit w15).

For this product, you also proceed with the ground treatment as above. Instead of torch to bond the waterproof membrane to the roof floor, the w15 sika bit waterproofing membrane is bonded to the floor with sika bit 1 glue. Therefore, the w15 sika bit sheets adhere to the roof floor very well. This solution is suitable for square floor areas and high construction skills. Because if the construction is not professional, it will be easy to be exposed at the corners and joints. The biggest disadvantage of these roof waterproofing membrane products is that the finished surface of the floor waterproofing membrane will have many joints.

Step 1: You proceed to paste the waterproof membrane at the base of the wall, skylight, corner positions ...

Step 2: You stick the waterproof membrane to the entire floor surface.

Step 3: Conduct a water immersion test and apply the layers above.

Solution 4: Use roof floor waterproofing glue.

On the market today, there are many types of glue for you to use to waterproof the terrace. And within the scope of this article, Hung Thinh Waterproofing introduces you to a waterproofing product that you can waterproof. Even on the surface of the tile is Polyurea glue.

Polyurea is a line of ultra-stable materials formed by polymerization reaction between isocyanate and amine-containing monomers.

Polyurea is usually supplied as a two-component spray application and is now also available in a number of cold-applied imported polyureas. Polyurea is applied by spray system, which sets very quickly, mixing time is short, so they are mixed according to the mechanism of molecular impact at the nozzle under high pressure from 15 MPA to 25 MPA.

Thanks to the fast reaction speed, the polyurea membrane can be put into use immediately after application

Polyurea paint film has high adhesion, elasticity, impact and abrasion resistance, it is completely superior to polyurethane, polyurea can be used to waterproof almost all items such as floors, roofs , terrace, swimming pool, fish tank, cellar wall...

Despite its outstanding properties, in practice, few places use polyurea because of its high cost and complicated machinery system such as the amount of chemicals to wash the machine after each operation. tens of liters, or lack of understanding of how to use the machine, and if something goes wrong with the machine, the entire system of pipes and wires in the machine may be completely dead and damaged... so for the construction of polyurea it is also necessary to have 1 Professional and experienced unit.

Advantages of waterproofing roofs and terraces with Polyurea

+ With an old house, you do not need to punch the floor because this product adheres to the floor very well.

+ Quick construction time

Polyurea roof waterproofing technology process

Step 1: Ground treatment

The ground needs to be solid, free of impurities, before applying the waterproofing layer, it is necessary to waterproof the ends of the pipe necks.

Step 2: Apply waterproof paint to the roof floor

First, a layer of Primer will be rolled onto the roof floor surface to be waterproofed.

Then proceed to sweep or spray polyurea waterproofing membrane. Note that this material needs to be handled quickly because the curing speed is very fast.

Solution 5: Waterproofing the roof deck with asphalt. Waterproofing asphalt terrace.

Bitumen is used in waterproofing in its original or modified form in rubber bitumen or polymer bitumen emulsion paints. Asphalt in its original form is very waterproof. However, to waterproof the roof or terrace with asphalt, special attention should be paid to labor safety issues.

Construction process of asphalt roof waterproofing, asphalt terrace waterproofing.

Step 1: Carry out surface treatment. You will proceed to treat the concrete surface as mentioned above.

Step 2: Boil the asphalt and pour it evenly on the surface of the floor to be waterproofed, Use a brush to level the asphalt on the concrete floor.

Solution 6: Waterproofing roof floor with glue pump (Reverse waterproofing)

This way, you only apply in the roof floors that are permeable due to cracking of the concrete floor.

This solution requires highly skilled and experienced workers. Common types of glue on the market are expanded polyurethane glues such as UF 3000, 668, 669.

Advantages of waterproofing with glue pump

+ No need to punch the floor, clean and fast

Construction process of waterproof glue pump

Step 1: Identify the locations where the water is leaking and proceed to drill the needle hole to shoot the glue. The pinholes are spaced about 10 cm apart.

Step 2:  Proceed to hammer the pump and fill the surface. It is recommended to strengthen one more layer of glue at the crack after sealing.

So with these 6 effective ways to waterproof the roof floor, you must have a more objective view of the roof floor waterproofing. To have a good roof waterproofing product, you need:

- Understand the properties of different types of terrace waterproofing materials. Each type will have 1 strength.

- The roof floor positions need to pay special attention to waterproofing and the terrace waterproofing standards must also follow the correct process before waterproofing you need to understand:

- Check whether the waterproofing products you are planning to use are really good.

- Check the origin of materials, expiry date, accompanying COCQ papers.

- To be safe, it is necessary to have a professional unit perform the roof waterproofing part.


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