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Mr.Tim's house (British construction engineer) has had trouble with waterproofing for 2 years. He had undergone repairs two times but the seepage remained. Through a friend, he contacted Hung Thinh waterproofing in Son Tra District of Da Nang to solve this problem. After 3 days of construction, we have completely solved the problem of leaking for his family.

Readers see the video of his feelings after using waterproofing service in Son Tra District, Da Nang City of Hung Thinh Waterproofing:

Sub-district in Son Tra district that Hung Thinh waterproofing has constructed include:

Tho Quang Ward, Nai Hien Dong Ward, Man Thai Ward, An Hai Bac Ward, An Hai Tay Ward, An Hai Dong Ward, Phuoc My Ward

The roads in Son Tra district that Hung Thinh waterproofing has constructed include:

An Don Street, An Don 1 Street, An Don 2 Street, An Hai 1 Street, An Hai 10 Road, An Hai 11 Road, An Hai 12 Road, An Hai 14 Road, An Hai 15 Road, An Hai 16 Road, Road An Hai 17, An Hai 18 Street, An Hai 19 Road, An Hai 2 Street, An Hai 20 Road, An Hai 21 Road, An Hai 3 Road, An Hai 4 Road, An Hai 5 Road, An Hai 6 Road, Duong An Hai 7, An Hai 8, An Hai 9, An Hai Bac 1, An Hai Bac 2, An Hai Bac 3, An Hai Bac 4, An Hai Bac 5, An Hai Bac 6, An Nhon 1, An Nhon 2, An Nhon 3, An Nhon 4, An Nhon 5, An Nhon 6, An Nhon 7, An Nhon 7, An Nhon 8, Bui Lam, Dang Tran Con and Duong roads Dao Duy Ky, Duong Do Anh Han, Do Hanh Street, Do Huy Uyen Street, Dong Du Street, Duong Thanh Road, Duong Tu Minh Street, Ha Bong Road, Ha Dac Street, Hoang Duc Luong Street, Hoang Viet Street, Huong Hai Zen Master, Khuc Hao Street, Duong Le Phung Hieu1-207, 2-204, Le Van Thiem Street, Loseby Street, Ly Da Street, Ly Thanh Tong Street, Morrison Street, Nai Thinh 1 Street, Nai Thinh 2 Street, Ngo Quyen Street249-465, 268-494, Ngo Quyen Street465-561, 496-530, Ngo Quyen Street An Don Industrial Park, Ngo Quyen Street, Ngo Quyen Street, Kiet 4871-15, 2-16, Nguyen Chi Dieu Street, Nguyen Cong Tru Street 5-227, Nguyen The Street Loc, Nguyen Trung Truc Street 1--45, 2-42, Nguyen Tuan Street, Nguyen Xuan Khoat Street, N. Morrison Street, Pham Tu Street, Pham Van Dong Street, Alley 31-21, 2-26, Pham Van Dong Street, Alley 51-21, 2-26,...


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