Post date : 19/04/2019

Basement is a location, it often happens seepage phenomenon. Especially in the city with high water table like in Da Nang, when building basement you need to focus on basement waterproofing very well from the beginning.There are 2 types of waterproofing in the basement: waterproofing at new construction and reverse waterproofing when the work has been put into use (Troubleshooting).

1. Measures, Construction method of basement waterproofing, Construction waterproofing of underground structures in Da Nang:

- For basement waterproofing, the construction method is different from the other structures.

Video for refrence as below:


- In addition, during the construction of the pile head, it is required to waterproof the pile head, the joints need the construction of water bar.

- Waterproofing membrane products for underground structures and basements are spreadsheets. After pouring concrete lining and installing the formwork, the waterproofing membrane is applied to the formwork before reinforcing.

2. Reverse waterproofing construction for basements and underground structures in Danang:

For underground structures and basements that have been put into use, Use reverse waterproofing to solve the problem.

There is a common way to reverse-proof a foaming pump (Foam), however, if the pump only swells, the effect is very poor. because the swelling glue will dissolve when it is soaked in water for a long time. Therefore, after the glue injection is completed to disconnect the water, it is necessary to use some more specialized reverse waterproofing materials.

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